The wind was so strong on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon that it felt like another guest, a presence making itself known, mingling among the witnesses, sharing a space between Sarah and Andrew. I welcomed the wind, knowing it would give us a bit of magic on this day.

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Love, e


There is this scene in Lord of the Rings where Aragon and Arwen are standing together under trees bathed in moonlight. When I happened upon this area in Tree Tops park during Kara and Ricky’s engagement session¬†with the trees and light, my nerd alarm went off. My brain rolodex went right to that scene and I drew it as inspiration for this image. I’m in love with how it came out. I’m actually in love with this whole session.

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Love, e

  • Kara

    Loooooooove them so much! Thank you for making us feel comfortable and look amazing (although Darwin didn’t need help to look good lol)! We will forever cherish these pictures.