Telling Your Story Workshop


Though I tell stories for a living, I know that the most important story that I can tell is my own. It’s the legacy that I’ll leave my children and their future. Our stories connect us, hand over hand, from this life to the next.  The biggest gift that photography has brought to my life is the ability to document not only the milestones, but my every day. My kids will know what their days were like, what it felt like in their rooms, how mommy’s belly looked while pregnant, how small they looked on daddy’s lap as he read them a book. All of these every day moments tell our story and slowly, I’m creating a legacy that will live on for generations.

As a photographer, I want to photograph your family and capture who you are during that time, but it’s not possible to be there for those every day moments.

You are in charge of your story.

I want to give you the tools to tell it.

The Telling Your Story Workshop is a four hour class that will teach you how to document your life in a meaningful way. We will go over…

  • The basics of photography and how to use those techniques to create the images you want
  • The essentials to storytelling
  • How to work with your environment and family members without posing
  • How to be purposeful with your compositions
  • How to go beyond the ordinary in your travel photography


WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who wants to document both the every day moments of their lives and create meaningful portraits

WHEN? NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON | Drinks, snacks and lunch will be included

WHERE?  Miami, FL | Exact location to be determined 

COST? $200 | Limited seats are available

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