Sneak Peek: Christina & Kaz

Last weekend we met Christina and her wonderful husband, Kaz, for a little anniversary shoot at The Deering Estate. The venue is pretty amazing and just so happened to be the site of their wedding. It’s a pretty busy week for these two as they celebrate their wedding anniversary, Christina’s birthday and Thanksgiving. Here is to many more wonderful years together, you guys. Enjoy a few of many laughter and love filled pictures.

Love, e

  • christina kerr

    We had such a wonderful time! I’m probably laughing in 90% of the pictures. I absolutely adore you and Mike! Thank you for such a perfect day. Go Giants! 😉

  • jennifer sevush

    THESE ARE FANTASTIC! You and Kaz could not look any happier together! Here’s to another 4 years, as Christian would say! Haha. Love you both!

  • Tina

    Beautiful couple. Love the ones with the sunlight coming in from the left.

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