A few months ago I had the honor of contributing to The Chorus, a project created by the incandescent Amy Grace. I jump at any chance I get to write and want to share more of it here.


It’s all in their hands. The one whose caresses I’ve felt when my skin glowed with youthful promise and as my hips stretched with the weight of our unborn son. Those hands that I hope will trace the years on my face, lines traveling through the joys and sorrows of a life well lived. It’s in the growing hand wrapped around my finger squeezing helplessly just a few hours in this world and now leading me to the places he wants to go. Those hands that discover and grow. Those hands that made me a mom.

It’s in hands long gone, those of my grandmother wrinkled and beautiful whose thumbs traced circles on my wrist when she held them. It’s in hands still here oozing with my mother’s strength. A strength I’ve relied on all my life. In my dad’s hands callused with work and sprinkled with saw dust. It’s in the hands of my sister that have held mine for as long as I can remember.

My silver lining is in these hands that have held me from my birth to the birth of the only legacy worth leaving behind. They are lined with hope and promise, connected by love.


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Love, e

The end of the year is always a whirlwind of weddings, family portraits and holiday preparations. This year was our busiest year yet. And the new year hasn’t let up. I haven’t been able to share as much as I normally do so wanted to post some of my favorite images we’ve captured recently. The other day I joked to my husband that I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is raising a baby, growing a baby and taking pictures. Not a bad way to spend my time but one of my goals this year is blog more. Here’s to sharing more in this small corner of the internet.


My little Mia is growing more and more each day. Hard to believe that we’ll be a family of four in just a few months. Logan is giant. Seriously, how is this kid only 17 months? Looking forward to sharing more of our adventures.


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Love, e