The quiet is what strikes me, the deep inhale just before she taps on his shoulder, the soft swish of the dress as it skims the floor, the stunned moment when he turns and sees his love’s handsome face, too stunned to breathe or speak, tears on the precipice before finally falling. There are quiet moments in the chaos, but they are truffles you need to dig for in the dirt. I hunt for these quiet moments even as I revel in the joy.

I live for the joy and the laughter, for the moments of tenderness in the hurricane. I value these  moments in my life so much so that I have made it my life’s work to document them in people’s lives. I’m a joy collector. These are just some of the moments we collected with our couples this year. I am forever grateful that we are given the task of finding them.

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Love, e


| Our fifth annual Christmas card illustrated by my Mike and colored by my sis-in-law Kaz |

A few years ago, before the kids, I wrote about how the year had be trying and triumphant. This could not be a more apt description of this year for me. I have so much to say, so much to show but I’ve been busy diligently working for my clients and my family. Though it’s not expressly stated in my job description, I aim to make people happy. When I deliver images to clients, I want them to be happy just like I want my kids to live happy lives. Sometimes, to do that, other things like blogging and sharing work needs to take a back seat especially during the busy season. There will be time for me to share, but for now I’m going to turn off the computer and take a few days to celebrate Christmas with those I love.

Here is to a wonderful Christmas to all of you. May it be filled with joy and love.

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Love, e