Some days are  perfect. This day, with Patrick and Fiona, was one that was gifted to us after rescheduling a few times because of the weather. It’s easy, though, to take beautiful pictures of kind people in love. These are some of my favorite engagement pictures I’ve taken in all the years I’ve been doing this and I have Patrick and Fiona as well as that gorgeous Florida light to thank.

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Love, e

My abuela loved flowers, particularly orchids. She lived her life tending to her collection of orchids that she’d clip when bloomed and lovingly place next to my grandfather’s picture. Her face would light up when I’d come home with a bunch of flowers for her, joy incarnate. When I first met Veronica from Anthology Floristy, I felt this immediate joy and love for flowers, the same love that I felt in my Abuela. I met her during one of her first weddings in Miami and fell in love with her work and with her spirit.

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated time to my A Love Like This project. When I was thinking of starting again, I immediately thought of Vero who pours so much of her heart and personality into her art. What she does is art. It is heart-on-her-sleeve, this-is-how-I-see-the-world art; the very best kind. I spent the morning with her when we both needed a change of pace and some good conversation. I left her buoyant, inspired, a little more in love.

Thank you, Vero, for being spectacular and for pouring your heart into what you do.

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Love, e