She’s here. And it feels like she’s been here from the beginning. I looked at her face and thought, “Oh, there you are.” My Mia Grace. These past few weeks have all been a blur much in the same way it was when we first brought Logan home. This time, however, the shine and naive delirium of bringing home our first baby made way for the reality of what our new normal is. Life with two kids under two is a juggling act. I was well aware of how it would be but there was no preparing for the emotional roller coaster.

I’m still baffled that we have a daughter. Mike and I find ourselves saying that out loud daily. We have a little girl. She’s here. I have yet to put to words the profound responsibility I feel as a woman to be the example that Mia needs to grow into a strong woman herself.

Mia is a few days away from turning one month. We have been a family of four for four weeks now and every day we settle deeper into this journey. Logan is adapting as best as he can for a 20 month old…he always brings Mia her pacifier (which in Logan’s world is a big deal.) Soon enough we’ll be out of that foggy, survival mode. As always, when it comes to my life, I’m just holding on and trying to enjoy the ride.


This was our first picture together. I didn’t know I was a bow person until I found out we were having a girl.


Some snaps from our phones. You can follow out shenanigans on Instagram.


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Love, e


Dear Mia,

As I type this I’m a few days away from meeting you, my daughter. That sentence alone is staggering. How we’ve managed to get to the end of this pregnancy is beyond me. What a whirlwind of the greatest kind. Between your very active brother who will be turning 20 months a few days after you’re born, and work and all the hundreds of things that I seem to be up to at all hours, I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and for just a few days.

Being pregnant with you was a whole other experience than the first time. I won’t lie, it wasn’t as charming, partly because most of the time I was chasing after your brother. My body took a definite beating this time around. But all the while, there you were growing and kicking to let me know that you were with me. For as ready as I am to meet you, this is something I know that I will miss dearly. Feeling you move and tapping my belly in response has been one of the joys of my life.

I can’t wait until you are safe in my arms and I can finally see what you look like. I can’t wait to teach you, to grow with you, to introduce you to this life. I can’t wait for you. Only a few more days.

Love, Mommy


SIDE NOTE: As you can guess, I’ll be preoccupied for the next few weeks as we welcome Mia and our family adjusts to being a foursome. If you reach out to me via email, please be patient as I’ll be slower with correspondence than normal. I’ll try to get back to you within a few days.

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Love, e